1. Ah I am such an anxious, garbage human. I have a job for the next two days and I want to curl up and hide forever. I’m really bad at life. 


  2. I’ve been struggling lately but trying to keep things simple and in perspective and take it on the chin. But I have moments where I’m suddenly not doing well at all and I feel very desperate. It’s all simmering beneath the surface and no one really knows the worst of it and I’m scaring myself more each day. The extreme lows are getting to me and I feel trapped. 

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  4. yep yep yep. sorry not sorry.

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  5. I did ‘magic Hollywood confidence powder’ as my friend calls it. And I feel super sexy and capable of seducing anyone. Probably a good thing I don’t have access to my own drugs and that I am alone watching a movie. What is life. Blah.


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    Wolf Alice - Destroy Me

    maybe I got big for my boots

    sink your teeth into me, then leave me

  7. look at that face <3 he looks so young here. sads. 

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    Get Grounded

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    Mass Appeal Issue #54 - Broad City, Ain’t No Basic (Cable) Bitches

    These two broads walk into an improv class in NYC…We’re talkin’ straight up theater geeks. A couple of chicks who, without even realizing it, intimidated the shit out of all the boys with their few-fucks-given attitude, and laser-focused determination. Their brand of funny is on another level. It’s easy to be surprised by what flies out of their mouths sometimes. What’s more surprising is the level of confidence and positivity housed within these two ladies. Surprising only because — while they demonstrate the poise of a couple of seasoned comedic television vets — it’s all still pretty new to them. Ladies and germs — please meet Pennsylvania native Abbi Jacobson, and Smithtown, Long Island’s Ilana Glazer. They will never be anybody’s punch line.

    Fast-forward a handful of years beyond all that goes along in the famed improv house, Upright Citizen’s Brigade, to a whole bunch of funny-ass, self-conceived episodes of their own web series, Broad City. The skits are raw, and out-there, yet somehow, relatable. Throughout a couple dozen, two-to-five minute intervals, you ride the chaotic wave of mid-twenties #whitegirlproblems, but in Broad City, that’s a good thing. 

    Eventually, with a little TLC from the very improv community that reared them, Comedy Central comes knocking for Abbi and Ilana’s sketch series, and Amy Poehler hops on board to produce. It is a pretty much an exaggerated, amplified look at Abbi and Ilana’s lives, as they (quite literally) blaze through their tumultuous twenty-something years, trying their damnedest to make shit happen in the big city; more specifically — the Big Apple. Don’t get it twisted though, Abbi and Ilana’s characters have very little in common with some other “Girls” you may know, save for their gender, and place of residence.

    Read the interview here

    Photo by Peter Yang


  15. It’s a vicious cycle…